Cancelling a Class

Use the form below when you need to miss a class.  After you miss a class, you have 2 months from the date of cancellation to take a make-up class.

  1. All make-ups must be taken in a class at or below the student's current class level.  Some classes may be impacted and therefore will not be available.
  2. You must have your make-up class approved by the office prior to taking said class.  The office has final say as to whether you are approved to take a class as a make-up.

Other ways to cancel a class:

  1. Write your information on the pink "Cancellation" sheet in the main DAC Office
  2. Call the DAC Office at (650) 574-2001 and leave a message clearly stating the student's name and the class that will be missed.

Please complete the form below

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