Dress Code



  • Plain black leotard (no colored undergarments)

  • Pink full-length tights (ballet pink or light pink in Capezio, or light pink in Bloch)

  • Pink ballet shoes

  • A plain black skirt may be worn

  • A black/pink sweater can be worn in class when it is cold

  • Hair must be secured in a tight, neat bun at all times, with no flyaways or "frizzies". This may mean doing your hair before other classes so it is done properly for ballet. If hair is short, a plain black headband must be worn to keep hair back. No hair accessories (scrunchies, bun-covers, bows, etc.) may be worn. Students should always have spare hair pins, hair elastics, and hair gel/spray to keep hair neat.


  • White Short Sleeve Shirt or Leotard (fitted and tucked into tights)

  • Black Footed Tights (M. Stevens Milliskin Footed Tights or Mirella Black Footed Tights. NO Capezio tights may be worn.)

  • Dance Belt REQUIRED (nude)

  • White Ballet Shoes with White Socks

  • Elastic Belt to hold up tights (1-inch elastic from Michael’s stitched in a circle works wonderfully)

Creative Dance


  • Pink Leotard, Pink Tights, Hair neatly in a bun

  • Pink Ballet Shoes and Black Tap Shoes


  • White T-Shirt, Black Spandex Shorts, White Socks

  • White Ballet Shoes and Black Tap Shoes

Children's Ballet


  • Black Leotard, Pink Tights, Pink Ballet Shoes, Hair neatly in a bun


  • White T-Shirt, Black Tights, White Socks, White Ballet Shoes

  • Black Top or T-shirt

  • Black Pants (at least mid-calf length - no shorts)

  • A black sweater can be worn in class when it is cold

  • Jazz: Jazz Shoes or Dance Sneakers

  • Tap: No Tap Shoes to start. (Use athletic shoes or jazz shoes until instructed otherwise)




Hip Hop Flex & Core Tumbling

  • Comfortable clothing in any color - no short shorts

  • Hip Hop: Sneakers


  • Solid colored top

  • Solid colored pants or dance skirt

  • Bare feet or Dance Paws

Jumps and Turns

  • Ballet or Jazz attire